Wedding Photography Preparation, Lights And Venue

How we prepare for the photoshoot before the big day..

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Many of you might wonder what a Wedding Photographer do before a Wedding to get the best result as possible. There are a few key points that Anja and I do and one of them is to look up the venues and light.

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All Weddings as you know are different, the same is for the locations. Some couple has the ceremony and reception at the same place. We had one Wedding at Upwaltham Barn Wedding Venue, it is this beautiful farm converted to the prettiest barn wedding venue where you have everything in the same place. Then we have couples that have the ceremony in one place to then go another location for the reception.


Either way as a Wedding Photographers we think it is important to go the venues/locations before the Wedding day. In some places you might need to call and make an appointment first and some places you can just go and have a look around.


Weddings are only for a day and you want to be as prepared as possible for that, you don’t get a second chance to photograph it! To go to the different venues you can at least prepare yourselves how the light will be and there you have one thing you wouldn't need to think about on the Wedding.


The reception might be in a basement with no window and very low light, the best thing is to take some test shoots to see what ISO and lenses you’ll need and you might think you’ll need a flash but then you’ll know.


If you have done your venue/ light research you will feel more comfortable for the day. It doesn't take long but it’ll save you a lot of stress. If something unexpected happens then that is not in your hands.



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We had one Wedding in Duke of York in Brighton, we knew there was low light and when we did the test shoot they said it will be more light on the stage on the Wedding day, which was great because it was not much light. On the Wedding day, we felt 'prepared'. We were waiting for the brides to come in with their dads, they started to play a song, all family and friends rise and the light just got pitched black. They turned the light off while the brides were walking into the stage. I can remember how my heart starting to beat faster and the feeling that we didn't know if the light will be turned on again while trying to pump the ISO and try to get som decent images.


Luckily the light came back on! :)